All depends on how fast you go and how much time you have

You can very well stay from a day to a week in a park. In some Game Reserve, it is essential to book your accommodation to enter at Kurger Park. Buy the guide at the entrance to the park it’s a real gold mine. The map details the roads, eco zones and animals that live there. You will also discover the list of animals in pictures. It is always convenient to navigate between all these species of antelope or to differentiate a cheetah from a leopard. Make your provisions before arriving. The restaurants are expensive and the mini markets are poor when it comes to food. Take the opportunity to refuel before entering the parks. There are some stations scattered in the big camps but the prices are slightly higher. Book your accommodation in different camps sleeping in the park, you avoid unnecessary roundtrip and you are on the spot at dawn and until sunset. By taking both accommodation and tickets, you save a day. For two nights there, we only paid two days instead of three. Plan a picnic for the day the camps are sometimes very far away and you will not find a restaurant at every turn. Some tips to make the most of your safari in South Africa. Go slowly and do not scare the animals, to have time to see the animals away, to enjoy, simply.

Follow the tracks rather than the paved roads

Get up early animals are more active at sunrise and at sunset. Between the two, the mercury soars and it is rather nap time for our four legged friends. It’s true but we meet animals at all hours of the day. Find the water points on your map this is where you will have the best chance of seeing animals. Sincerely this advice seems to me to be a myth. I did not see more animals near the points than elsewhere. Take breaks in the “Hide”, these small huts camouflaged to observe animals. Of course, we do not always see but just be there at the right time. Opt for the period from May to September the weather is dry and the grass is low. You are more likely to see some beasts! Bring binoculars and a camera with a good lens. You will never have the picture worthy of National Geographic. But you will have at least some nice memories.

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Learn to observe nature and do not hesitate to ask other tourists what they saw

A car stopped on the side? The others may have seen some things that escaped you. At Kruger Park, each camp has a map where tourists stick with colored fleas that match the species they saw on a particular spot. Let yourself be surprised! Do not be disappointed if you do meet all the Big Five. An unexpected encounter with a Black backed Jackal is just as magical!

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