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  • Honeymoon
  • Family adventure
  • Corporate outings
  • Professional expeditions

Safari Packages

  • 3 days
  • 7 days
  • 10 days
  • 14 days


  • Hotels
  • Lodges
  • Safari Houses
  • Houseboats


  • Game viewing activities
  • Water activities
  • Adrenaline activities
  • Cultural activities


  • Domestic flights
  • International flights
  • Road transfers
  • Car rental


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All depends on how fast you go and how much time you have

You can very well stay from a day to a week in a park. In some Game Reserve, it is essential to book your accommodation to enter at Kurger Park. Buy the guide at the entrance to the park it’s a real gold mine. The map details the roads, eco zones and animals that live there. You will also discover the list of animals in pictures. It is always convenient to navigate between all these species of antelope or to differentiate a cheetah from a leopard. Make your provisions before arriving. The restaurants are expensive and the mini markets are poor when it comes to food. Take the opportunity to refuel before entering the parks. There are some stations scattered in the big camps but the prices are slightly higher. Book your accommodation in different camps sleeping in the park, you avoid unnecessary roundtrip and you are on the spot at dawn and until sunset. By taking both accommodation and tickets, you save a day. For two nights there, we only paid two days instead of three. Plan a picnic for the day the camps are sometimes very far away and you will not find a restaurant at every turn. Some tips to make the most of your safari in South Africa. Go slowly and do not scare the animals, to have time to see the animals away, to enjoy, simply.

Follow the tracks rather than the paved roads

Get up early animals are more active at sunrise and at sunset. Between the two, the mercury soars and it is rather nap time for our four legged friends. It’s true but we meet animals at all hours of the day. Find the water points on your map this is where you will have the best chance of seeing animals. Sincerely this advice seems to me to be a myth. I did not see more animals near the points than elsewhere. Take breaks in the “Hide”, these small huts camouflaged to observe animals. Of course, we do not always see but just be there at the right time. Opt for the period from May to September the weather is dry and the grass is low. You are more likely to see some beasts! Bring binoculars and a camera with a good lens. You will never have the picture worthy of National Geographic. But you will have at least some nice memories.

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Learn to observe nature and do not hesitate to ask other tourists what they saw

A car stopped on the side? The others may have seen some things that escaped you. At Kruger Park, each camp has a map where tourists stick with colored fleas that match the species they saw on a particular spot. Let yourself be surprised! Do not be disappointed if you do meet all the Big Five. An unexpected encounter with a Black backed Jackal is just as magical!

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If you want to explore the wild safari, you must take these in to account

teds woodworking scamsThe possibilities of exploring the wild life are endless. From the wild mountain path expeditions for natural beauties to the core safaris, this wild life experiences are both of different experience. But, you have to take several information into account when planning your wild life safari including deciding what you want to see, how you would like to travel and how much you are willing to spend. Well, you get every details in bush-buzz. There are various options to choose. You can design your wild safari trip as you want it to be. Any other website will hardly give you the options. They will not care for your opinion. You have to choose what their packages offer. But here, you make the package and enjoy them as per your requirements.

Decide what you want to see

The first step to finding a perfect safari vacation is to think carefully about what you want to see. Similarly, some animals prefer a highly specialized type of habitat and can only be found in a handful of different countries. Core safari refers to the most iconic large mammals including lions, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos and elephants.

Decide your mode of transport

Mostly the premium safari transport mode is done with the open hood car 4×4. Walking safari has its own benefits where you can enjoy the natural beauty with your guide. Water safaris are another memorable option and can be an especially good option for those who are interested in birds. Medium such as Elephant’s top, camel’s top and fence cars are popular among the wild life safari. Just feel the atmosphere, your car is ambushed by tigers and the only thing is in between you and the tigers is the steel fence on the car.

Decide your desired level of independence

The final decision you must make is whether you want to travel as part of a group, as part of a private guided tour or on your own. Privately guided tour can be a good option for those who wish to leave the task of organizing reservations, etc., in an agency, while benefiting from the experience of an expert guide in the forest. At the other end of the spectrum, self-service safaris offer total independence for a fraction of the cost. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want.

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The best animal sightings and the best lodges: animal safari is for any moment

Pickleball Paddle ReviewsBefore you plan to make your holiday trip to the safari with your friends and family, it is better to know the way. With Our Site you can get every possible details and information and options to choose among the style for your safari tourism. There are several options to opt for. For example, you can choose between the safari cars, several animal zone, professional guide, resort in the jungle etc.

Why should you choose a private reservation?

The private safari reservation rather than group safari reservation is far better. The main reason is, you can enjoy them with your dear ones and make the day remarkable, no matter honeymoon, anniversary or birthday. Not only this but you gets other sort of benefits such as, there will be no other cars or hordes of tourists, the best accommodation, service and comfort, safari vehicles can leave the road.

The best and most expert guides work for private reserves. The guides are not obliged to limit themselves to the schedules of the national parks which mean that they can participate in nocturnal safaris. It also means that you can stay as long as you want in a sighting. The elevated safari vehicles with open roof provide the best possible views, so you can get the best pictures. Guides can also run safaris on foot.

You will often hear about rights-of-way in relation to your safari experience. What are the rights of way? The rights of way allow neighboring lodges to circulate on each other’s grounds which mean more space for you to explore and find animals. The larger the area traveled, the better it feels. More territory = more bio-diversity. In a national park is limited to animals that are visible from the main roads.

Why safari reservation?

The private wild life safari is famous for their collection of exquisite lodges and for their exceptional animal sightings. If you have time to spend more than a couple of days, you can divide your stay between several reservations. This will give you a more accurate impression of the variety and magnitude of the area. Between the private reserves and the open safari in several forests mostly there are no fences, so the animals are free to cross the boundaries. You will have the same privileges such as night safaris and cross-country routes with expert guides.

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Conclusion: Pickleball

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